iTech Labs - Enterprise Mobile Testing

We have many years of experience in testing Enterprise mobile software on various mobile devices using browsers and downloadable applications. Majority of our Mobile testing was for Internet casino applications for some of the largest companies in the industry.

Enterprise Mobile applications support critical business functions via wireless mobile devices. In an Enterprise  Mobile application, users use mobile devices to do any or all of the following: access/update information, manage projects, manage documents, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, communications, play casino games etc.

Enterprise Mobile testing scope

Enterprise Mobile testing is conducted primarily against specifications. However our testing will normally include ease of use, speed & performance, connectivity, reliability, security, etc. as required. The aim of our Enterprise mobile testing is not only meeting the specifications, but meeting the customer’s business requirements also.

These cost effective services are provided by our test labs in Australia, Europe and Asia.

Major areas of Enterprise Mobile testing are:

  • Functionality of individual modules
  • Functionality of the integrated application
  • Screen displays
  • Speed & Performance
  • Connectivity (including delays, disruptions and recovery)
  • User Interface
  • Input/Output
  • Performance
  • Application stability
  • Security
  • Multiple applications
  • Event Handling
  • Memory usage
  • Messaging & calls
  • Date and time (Incl daylight savings and time zones)
  • Error handling
  • Help and about
  • Privacy and User Permissions

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