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A message to players regarding display of iTech Labs logo/certificate and claims about certification by iTech Labs

We have received reports that our logo and/or name are used on some online gaming sites without relevant certification. This gives a false sense of security for players using those sites. 

Wherever you see our logo on a gaming site, feel free to click on it to check the logo is authentic. Clicking on the logo should display our certificate. The certificate should have a hotlink labelled ‘Original’ that links it back to the original certificate on our websites  or Please check the URL of the ‘Original’ certificate to make sure that it is coming from our websites.  

Inside the certificate the correct URL of the gaming site is shown. If the certificate is showing URL of another site, but not exactly the site you are playing, there is no guarantee that the software is certified. Our certificate does not apply to other sites reached through a link from the certified site unless the linked site's URL is shown on the certificate.The certificate should also show what exactly is certified:

  1. Random Number Generator (RNG)
  2. Games & Tournaments – with list of games and tournaments
  3. Return To Player (RTP) audits –  audit reports for actual RTPs of game played (for single player games only)
  4. Card Analysis – audit reports for actual cards dealt for card games such as Poker, Blackjack etc.

Any sites displaying our logo with only a link to our web sites (instead of a link to the certificate), link to some other sites or no link at all, should be treated with caution as it may not have actually been certified by us.

If any site is claiming certification by iTech Labs and you are unable to find the relevant certificates, please ask the casino for a copy of our certificate or proof of certification. iTech Labs takes no responsibility for the integrity of any software that is falsely displaying our logo or claiming certification by us.

About iTech Labs - Independence

iTech Labs is an ISO 17025 certified online gaming certification company, accredited by  gaming authorities in most European countries where online gaming is legally allowed. We certify gaming systems independently according to the requirements of the gaming regulators in the respective jurisdictions. We do not approve, license or monitor gaming systems. We do not develop or supply the software. Apart from certification, we have no commercial relationship with any gaming software provider or casino operator.


If you have any complaints you should contact the casino. If you are not getting proper response from the casino, please contact the gaming authority (gaming regulator) in the country where the online casino is based. Logo of the gaming regulator is usually shown at the bottom of the casino site.

FAQ page

Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

If you have questions on Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs), please see FAQ page for information on PRNGs.


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