iTech Labs - Quality Systems


iTech Labs is always working to make our services better for our clients.

Quality accreditation

iTech Labs is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Our ISO certification ensures that our personnel are adequately trained and experienced, we document all testing and test results and we send progress reports on a regular basis.
For improving the throughput and providing a bigger window of operating hours for our customers, we are now testing from two locations – Europe and Australia.
We ensure continuous process improvement and a high level of customer responsiveness.

Integrated Project Tracking System (iPTS)

As part of our commitment to providing timely and accurate progress reporting for all work, iTech Labs developed a purpose built tracking system. Our iPTS forms an integral part of our efficient business processes. We are able to register all new work, track progress and report, register all defects we uncover during our tests, and monitor their progress through the debugging. Our regular progress reports to the customer include screen shots, steps to reproduce, detailed explanation, customer comments and priorities to indicate problem severity. Everything we do is about ensuring your product is ready for market as quickly as possible. We are also able to accurately track the time spent on each aspect of testing. This allows us to quote very accurately on each successive project. We offer best prices for the quality of testing we provide. Customer feedback is also recorded in the iPTS to allow us to learn and improve our processes.


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